Humans of FMA



San José State's FMA Chapter is very diverse group of individuals but we don't want to say that but share about it! SJSU FMA wants to bring attention to YOU and your story of why you joined FMA and your journey at San José State.

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Arman Pannu

I’m a sophomore studying finance. I’m 20 years old and enjoy spending quality time with my family, friends, and my little Maltipoo Puppy. During my free time I love to take my puppy on a nice walk through the neighborhood, watch warriors games, and watch endless episodes of Rick and Morty.

I decided to join FMA because I wanted to know more people around the finance concentration and I wanted to learn more about potential opportunities that lay ahead of me in the near future. I hope to create quality connections and friendships through FMA. One of the individuals within FMA that has inspired me is our president Paul Castaneda. His passion for the club is very strong and I like how he makes an effort to get to know everyone within the organization. He’s also really great in giving useful advice about any specific financial courses or anything in general. His strong work ethic inspires me to become a better person both professionally and personally. Throughout my journey within FMA, I’ve enjoyed meeting new members and professional guest speakers through professional development meetings. Thank you for providing me a great place to learn more about opportunities in the financial field and for providing me with new connections all around.

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Charitha Posam

I’m a first year and my intended major is Corporate Accounting and Finance. My hobbies are cooking and drawing. Some of the things I like doing outside of school are listening to music, watching movies, and doing art projects.

The reason of why I joined FMA is because I wanted to be a part of a club in which people share the same interests as me. As a commuter, I did not have a social life and I feel that social life is really important especially in college. I was never exposed to other business clubs on campus and I really had an antisocial life during my first semester of freshman year because of my status as a commuter. I did not know about FMA until I saw our clubs and organizations page. When I attended my first FMA meeting, it was my favorite moment because I felt like I saw a huge family that had the same interests as me. Judging from this perspective, I felt blessed and honored to be a part of FMA and see what FMA has to offer for me. There were many people who I look up to as role models and who taught me the balance of life. Paul, Divya, Deepthi, and Puneet are some of the people I look up to as role models because they were the ones who taught me the importance of fun in life. When I met all of my officers, I felt that they genuinely care about FMA and they look out for their members. For example, I went to Game Day and I was really enthralled because I got to have a lot of fun with everyone. In terms guest speakers, I learned about breaking the glass on the ceiling wall through our guest speakers. For example, we had a workshop about Authentic Leadership and Branding and I learned on what are the important things that we have to communicate about when we want to do an internship and doing something that is crucial in life. Their care and affection for me has really brought me to a state of joy and happiness that I cannot express in words. I would like to thank FMA for giving me the opportunities to inspire me to look at the importance of life and of what life has to offer.