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The FMA appreciates the community of businesses and individuals who have sponsored our organization. With this support we are able to provide a level of service to our student members beyond what is possible through traditional fundraising events. Thank you to our following sponsors:

Our Most Recent Sponsor


Our Spring 2019 company tour with Cisco has allowed FMA to continue to foster a great relationship with the company.  The company tour included 11 Cisco volunteers, including Cisco's facilitator Victoria Knoll, who showed 25 FMA members the ins and outs of their company as well as the Cisco Customer Experience Center.  Cisco was kind enough to share an "Internet of Things" demo in the Building 10 Presentation Room and provided a panel of current employees who talked to students about the culture of Cisco along with some wise words of advice.  They also held a Q&A discussion and group speed mentoring session. In addition, they accommodated us with lunch! As a nice welcoming gift to start off a new and refreshing relationship with Cisco, they have proudly donated to the SJSU FMA organization! Thanks Victoria, Cisco, and our FMA officers and members!