your officers



President: Paul Castaneda

Hello everyone! My name is Paul Castaneda and I’m the FMA President for Spring 2019. I’m currently a Junior studying Finance and joined FMA during Fall 2016. Since joining the organization, I have been involved in the External Affairs committee for two semesters, then went on to become the Vice President Of External Affairs where I led my very own committee! I was then elected to become the Senior Vice President in Fall 2018. Succeeding in my previous roles, I transitioned into becoming your current FMA President for Spring 2019!

FMA has helped me break out of my shell and be more open and outgoing. I was able to improve my resume, increase my confidence, and expand my network. Now that I have developed the necessary skills to lead, I plan to use my knowledge to help other officers in their roles and support them through their transitions. During the summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at PWC, which I was able to get through a company tour hosted by FMA!

One of the skills that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I know a lot about basketball, and can name a bunch of fun facts about sports history! A goal that I want to accomplish is learning more about crypto currencies, such as alt coins, using stop limits and just learning more about finance as a whole. I am happiest when I’m able to be in my room, listening to different podcasts, playing video games with friends, and trying out different food places! I love to find a local spot to eat at!


Senior Vice President:

Divya Ramachandran

I’m currently a Junior majoring in Business Analytics and I’m the FMA Senior Vice President for Spring 2019. I joined FMA in Fall 2017, and have been an active member since then. I was involved in the Social Events Committee and was awarded "Member of the Month.” Last semester, I was elected to take on the role of VP of Operations for Fall 2018.

FMA has helped me take on more demanding roles, as well as, learn to network and create new relationships with people on various platforms. Aside from school, I have been trained in Indian classical music and dance, and during my freshman year at SJSU, I was a part of SJSU Sahaara, the university's competitive Bollywood dance team.

When I’m not busy with FMA or school, I like to play the guitar and keyboard to detox, eat Taco Bell and watch Friends! Some goal of mine for this year is that I want to focus on broadening my professional skills, as well as, be more mindful of my time in general because it’s so easy to pile things on, and not take time for yourself! A personal motto that I like to tell myself and others is to never have regrets and don’t look back!


Vice President of Operations:

Deepthi Guntipally

I’m currently a Junior majoring in Finance and is set to graduate in 2020. Prior to becoming the Vice President of Operations, I was the Vice President of Finance, a member of the Finance Committee, and a member of the Social Events Committee.

I have been working as a math instructor for Mathnasium since 2016 and have been trained in various styles of dance. I was also a part of SJSU Sahaara, a Bollywood and Hip-Hop fusion dance team, my freshman year.

Outside of school and work, I love watching comedy specials and just hanging out with my friends that I haven't seen in a while! My goal for this year would be to truly build my network and my skills, especially since I will be graduating soon! My friends and I usually love trying new food places, getting boba, or watching movies all day! One day, I would love to visit all of Europe to just experience the different cultures and the historical sites, but definitely Italy and Spain for their food!


Vice President of Finance:

Jack Cannon

I’m currently a Junior studying Accounting at SJSU and am the FMA Vice President of Finance for Spring 2019! I first joined FMA in Fall 2017 and was the Vice President of Fundraising last semester.

Upon joining the organization, I wanted to learn how to develop my professional skills so I can be ready for the real world. FMA has given me the opportunity to grow both as a professional and as an individual. Being the Vice President of Finance, I hope to inspire others to take on new positions. I want FMA to be a fun environment to be around, a place where people actually want to go hang out with friends while helping out our organization.

Outside of FMA, I love to relax by watching TV, playing video games and board games, and going out with Milo, my girlfriend. A goal that I have for this year is to move to Denmark in the Fall and get a job there.


Vice President of Membership:

Jocy He

Hello everyone! My name is Jocy He and I’m the FMA Vice President of Membership for Spring 2019! I’m currently a Freshman studying International Business but am planning to change my major to Management Information Systems!

I first joined FMA last Fall and fell in love with the people I’ve met while being a part of the Membership Committee! During the days that I have school, I usually take public transportation from Cupertino to SJSU. When I'm free, I like to hang out with friends, watch Netflix, or work on projects at cafe shops!

A fun fact about me is that I speak fluent Cantonese! If I could be anywhere other than here, right this minute, I would be in my bed. I love trying out different restaurants and cafes during my spare time with friends so please send recommendations my way! I am the happiest when I’m eating good food surrounded by good company. A personal motto of mine is to make progress everyday.


Vice President of Marketing:

Daniela Jimenez-Torres

I’m currently a Senior who has been a part of FMA since Spring 2017. This is my last semester here at SJSU studying Marketing!

FMA greatly benefited me by expanding my interpersonal and professional skills, as well as, be introduced to a larger network. Through my journey in the Marketing Committee, I realized that I found joy in being able to showcase my work for FMA and decided that I wanted to pursue Marketing as my major. Now that I’m finishing up my term as the Vice President of Marketing, I hope to continue to create a stronger bond between FMA and SJSU student body.

When I'm not working on social media posts for FMA, you can probably find me running around the dorms fixing people's problems (I'm an RA for the dorms). You might also find me singing and playing my ukulele in the grass on a sunny day or reading a book in my spare time. On Fridays, you can find me playing Super Smash Bros in BBC with the SJSU Smash Club. I play multiple instruments including the flute, saxophone, guitar and ukulele. I also love to sing (you might catch me singing absentmindedly sometimes). I also like to draw, mostly cartoon characters.


Vice President of External Affairs:

Puneet Sandhu

I’m currently a Junior studying Finance at SJSU! I started my FMA journey in Fall 2017. Since joining I have improved my networking and professional skills. The organization has helped me know what to expect in the Finance world. Upon being appointed the Vice President of External Affairs, I hope to collaborate with SJSU's diverse organizations on campus. From socials to company tours, I hope to bring the best for the organization and its members.

My weekdays consist of work and school and my weekends consist of relaxing and spending time with my friends and family. If I could anywhere else in the world, I would probably be in London. A goal of mine for this year is that I would like to learn a new language. When I’m with my friends, we like to watch our favorite shows or go out for food. When I have time to myself, I enjoy reading. A personal motto of mine is to strive for progress, not perfection.


Vice President of Fundraising:

Justine Okaforize

Hello everyone! I’m currently a Senior studying Accounting and this is my final semester at SJSU! After joining FMA last Fall, I was elected to become the FMA Vice President of Fundraising for Spring 2019.

During the weekdays, I’m typically studying and doing homework in the library with my friends. During the weeknights, I work as a writing tutor for athletic students. Some hidden talents of mine are thatI can actually sing, play the flute, and play basketball! I’m also very good with numbers and solving difficult math problems. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would be in Seoul, Korea enjoying the Korean cuisine with some of my closest friends.

My goal for this year is that I want to become a more confident and accomplished person and gain the networking skills I need to maneuver the corporate world. I also want to work harder in attaining a higher GPA overall and achieving my highest potential as a business student. In my spare time, my friends and I usually go together to eat at our favorite restaurant, Iguanas, to discuss very deep and controversial topics whilst devouring super burritos. When I'm not at school, I'm happy spending time with family and friends and binge-watching YouTube and my favorite TV shows. I also enjoy listening to music and updating myself on the latest business news.


Co-Director of Social Events:

Quang Nguyen

Hello everyone! My name is Quang Nguyen and I’m a fourth year transfer student from Sacramento studying Finance. I have been in FMA since Fall 2017. Ever since then, I have gained personal growth by networking with other business clubs at SJSU and creating social collaborations with them. For my past experiences, I was the VP of Operations in Fall 2018! By being the Co-Director of Social Events, my goals are to bring club officers and members closer together and for FMA to have the opportunity to connect with various business clubs on campus.

Now that the semester has started, weekdays for me will consist of 5 classes, while working to create events for both IMA and FMA. During this time, most of my efforts will go towards studying and being prepared for business clubs that I’m a part of. On the other hand, weekends for me are pretty relaxing. I usually do some studying, but also enjoying time with friends and family. In the next year, I would like to have finished my education at SJSU. In addition, I would like to accomplish getting my real estate license.

In my spare time with friends, I love to just do simple hangouts. Nothing too crazy; just kick back, conversate, make jokes, and enjoy some kind of entertainment, like TV. When I have time to myself, I enjoy reading, playing video games, such as Fortnite, with the homies, and watching TV shows, like Rick and Morty. My personal motto is: Start Strong, Finish Stronger.


Co-Director of Social Events:

Ayush Kaushal

I’m currently a Sophomore studying Finance at SJSU! I’m also the current Co-Director of Social Events for FMA this semester. I was born and raised in San Diego joined FMA Fall 2017 and has been a very active member since then.

Since joining FMA, I have learned how to correctly network in a professional setting and have gained many connections in the business world.

Outside of FMA, I play lots of sports, video games, or go to the beach! Most weekends I spend working either in the Finance department at HomeFirst or as a server at The Old Spaghetti Factory. In my free time, I usually go to Santa Cruz, San Francisco, or Berkeley! A skill that I have and love is surfing! A goal that I have for myself this year is that I would like to get into a great internship program at a company here in the Silicon Valley. A personal motto that I have is to never give up.



Bettina Supo

Hello everyone! My name is Bettina Supo and the FMA Historian for Spring 2019! If you’re looking at this page, then you’re looking at one of my projects for my term as Historian. I first joined FMA last Fall and was a part of both the Marketing and Fundraising Committee!

Being in FMA, I’ve had many opportunities to connect with business professionals in the Bay Area. I’ve always been a shy soul and have grown tremendously after joining FMA. I’m now more open to taking advantage of opportunities and have even created relationships with a couple of business professionals that I can now call my mentors!

When I’m not busy with FMA duties or studying, I enjoy going to the gym, walking my two miniature schnauzers, and exploring the Bay with the love of my life, Lucien. When I’m with my friends, we usually take lots of photos, play Smash, and go out to eat. If I could be anywhere else in the world, I would love to go back to Venice! A goal that I have for myself this year is to constantly improve on my weaknesses rather than dwelling on what I did wrong. I find that it’s better to convert these mistakes into lessons on how to do better and be better. I’m happiest having time to myself so I can unwind with a good read and a good movie.