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President: Paul Castaneda

Hello everyone! My name is Paul Castaneda and I’m the FMA President for Fall 2019. I’m currently a Senior studying Corporate Finance and joined FMA during Fall 2016. Since joining the organization, I have been involved in the External Affairs committee for two semesters, then went on to become the Vice President Of External Affairs where I led my very own committee! I was then elected to become the Senior Vice President in Fall 2018. Succeeding in my previous roles, I transitioned into becoming your current FMA President since Spring 2019!

FMA has helped me break out of my shell and be more open and outgoing. I was able to improve my resume, increase my confidence, and expand my network. Now that I have developed the necessary skills to lead, I plan to use my knowledge to help FMA members in their roles and support them through their transitions. During the summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to intern in Assurance at PWC, which I was able to get through a company tour hosted by FMA!

One of the things that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I know a lot about basketball, and can name a bunch of fun facts about sports history! A goal that I want to accomplish is learning more about crypto currencies, such as alt coins, using stop limits and just learning more about finance as a whole. I am happiest when I’m able to be in my room, listening to different podcasts, playing video games with friends, and trying out different food places! I love to find a local spot to eat at!

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Divya Ramachandran

Hello Everyone!

My name is Divya Ramachandran, and I am your current President for Fall 2019! I am currently a senior majoring in Business Analytics, and I joined FMA in Fall 2017!

Ever since I joined, I have been an active member, and went on to take roles such as VP of Marketing, VP of Operations, Senior Vice President, and now President! FMA has helped me take on more demanding roles, as well as learn to network and create new relationships with people on various platforms.

Outside of the academic realm, I enjoy pursuing Indian classical dance and photography! My side hustle (photography) helps me stay on top of my academics as well as my business and helps me create a good work/life balance!

When I’m not busy with FMA, school, or my side hustle, I like to take long drives, drink wine and enjoy time with my friends! I love taking spontaneous trips anywhere and I’d love to make more time for that this year!

My goals for FMA this year is to continue to grow and build the foundation of this club on professionalism, determination, and passion. I want students to be inspired by the officers to take on challenges and be motivated to be successful. It’s a hard climb up, but if your FMA officers can do it, and so can you! A personal motto that I like to tell myself and others is to never have regrets and always give it your all!

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Senior Vice President:

Deepthi Guntipally

I’m currently a senior majoring in Finance and is set to graduate in 2020. Prior to becoming the Senior Vice President, I was the VP of Operations and Finance, as well as a member of the Finance and Social Events Committee. When I first started SJSU, I felt disconnected with my fellow peers and wanted to be more involved with my campus, so I joined FMA. And through FMA, I have improved my presentation and networking skills, but most important of all, I have gained a support system throughout my college career.

I have been working as a math instructor for Mathnasium since 2016, and interned at EPRI and Adobe, as a Corporate Audit and FP&A intern respectively. Before joining FMA, I was also a part of SJSU Sahaara, a Bollywood and Hip-Hop fusion dance team, my freshman year.

Outside of school and work, I love watching comedy specials and just hanging out with my friends that I haven't seen in a while! My friends and I usually love trying new food places, getting boba, or watching movies all day! One day, I would love to visit all of Europe to just experience the different cultures and the historical sites, but definitely Italy and Spain for their food!

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Vice President of Operations: Cristian Gallaga-Villa

Hello everyone! My name is Cristian Gallaga-Villa and I am the Vice President of Operations for the Financial Management Association. I am a senior majoring in business administration with a concentration in Finance. I joined FMA to surround myself with like-minded individuals that want to develop themselves professionally. I have been a member for three semesters and decided to become a board member as a way to pay it forward.

Outside of FMA, you can find me training for obstacle course racing or eating lots of food. I enjoying challenging myself both physically and mentally. I am always trying new things and continuously seeking adventure. One fun fact about me is that I compete in Spartan Races.

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Vice President of Finance: Matt Meier

Hey everyone! My name is Matt Meier and I am serving FMA as Treasurer / VP of Finance for Fall 2019. I am currently a senior majoring in Business with a concentration in Management Information Systems. I joined FMA in Spring 2019 as VP of creative development where I overhauled and relaunched our organizations website.

Originally joining FMA to simply serve as webmaster I found that FMA provided me with so much I decided to stay in the club and pursue another officer position. I currently work on campus in the office that manages student organization bank accounts and thought that treasurer would be a perfect fit since I already work in the office where most of the work is done. I was elected VP of Finance and immediately started working to ensure this is FMA’s best semester yet. Students often ignore or are unfamiliar with the concept of professional development and I can say it is necessary to succeed. This organization has without a doubt prepared me to be a professional entering the workforce.

I’m busy with work, school, or FMA most of the time but when I’m not I enjoy spending time with friends as well as watching tv and playing video games. I am also an avid watcher of both UFC and Formula One and am always willing to discuss them!

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Vice President of Membership:

Jocelyn Zhang

Hi guys! I am currently a Senior majoring in Accounting and I'm the VP of Membership for Fall 2019. I have been in FMA since Spring 2018. Ever since I joined FMA, I see myself grow both personally and professionally. I also learned how to present myself in a more professional way through the professional development workshops.

Outside of FMA, you can see me making drinks at a boba shop. My dream weekend consists of relaxing and watching Netflix. Since I am taking harder classes this semester, I would most likely spend my weekends studying and doing homework. A fun fact about me is that I used to play the flute! If I could go anywhere in the world, I would probably be in France! A goal that I have for myself for this year is to step out of my comfort zone more and try new things. A personal motto of mine is: Failure is just a stepping stone for success

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Vice President of Marketing:

Donald Mac

Hello everyone! My name is Donald Mac and I’m the FMA VP of Marketing for Fall 2019! I’m currently a senior studying Business Entrepreneurship. In addition, I became involved in the Marketing Committee and was later awarded “Member of the Month” for strong attendance and participation. By the end of spring, I sought further growth by having the opportunity to run as the current FMA VP of Marketing for Fall 2019.

Before FMA, I considered myself very shy with little guidance in what I was looking for. However, FMA helped me develop the professional and networking skills that I sought. The weekly meetings helped improve my resume building skills, public speaking, and relationships with my peers. In addition, I am able to take advantage of more opportunities present to me by preparing myself for professional endeavors. One of my goals for this semester is to utilize my knowledge and help peers around me grow professionally.

Aside from school activities, I like to spend time hiking, seeing city lights, and watching entertaining movies and shows. Over the summer, I also picked up a hobby of reading on my free time and trying to develop valuable skills to prepare me physically and mentally for the future. I find interest in self-development, exercise, and going out to try new things!

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Vice President of External Affairs: Jocy He

Hello everyone! My name is Jocy He and I’m the FMA Vice President of External Affairs for Fall 2019! I’m currently a Sophomore studying Management Information Systems and I was the previous VP of Membership.

I joined FMA in the fall of my freshman year because I liked how I could join a committee and develop more leadership skills. Since joining, I've definitely improved my social and networking skills; I'm excited to learn more skills this year!

When I'm free, I like to hang out with friends, watch Netflix, or listen to good music! A fun fact about me is that I have an instagram documenting all my food adventures (follow me @jocyheats)! If I could be anywhere other than here, right this minute, I would be in my bed. I love trying out different restaurants and cafes during my spare time with friends so please send recommendations my way! I am the happiest when I’m eating good food surrounded by good company. A personal motto of mine is to make progress everyday.

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Vice President of Fundraising: Nathan Chiem

Hello everyone! My name is Nathan Chiem and I am a fourth-year student studying Finance. I joined FMA last spring and have continued to grow with the club ever since I joined. The first committee I was in was the fundraising committee and now I am the Director of Fundraising of Fall 2019.

Upon joining FMA, I have not only grown more professionally but also developed a more open and outgoing persona. I had the opportunity to connect with many people and learn how to make an efficient and effective resume.

During my spare time, I usually try to hang out with friends or go to the gym to work out. I would also play games constantly with friends, mostly Fortnite and League of Legends. Some shows that I watch are Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Flash, and Criminal Minds. One fun fact about me is that I used to be a Fortnite streamer!

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Director of Social Events:Amber Kim

Hello, fellow Spartans! My name is Amber Kim, and I am the Director of Social Events for Fall 2019. I am currently a Senior studying Finance and expecting to graduate Spring of 2020. I only transferred from De Anza last year, so I joined FMA as a Junior and became more involved to become an officer for this semester! As a transfer student, I faced some difficulties when it came to mingling with new friends. So, I have planned some exciting social events that will provide networking opportunities not only within FMA but also with other clubs as well. Please stay tuned, so you don't miss the chance to make your college experience at SJSU more memorable!

I first tried to join FMA my first semester of Junior year but couldn't stay active due to overlapping class schedules. My second semester, I was so determined to join that I showed up to the meeting alone. I pushed myself to leave my comfort zone, and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in college. The FMA members and officers were so welcoming that I was able to start many valuable friendships. Not only was getting to know other Business and Finance major students helpful in planning my academics, but I was also able to prepare for my summer internship at Stanford. Without Professional Development meetings, I would not have been prepared for the interviews, and my resume would've been weak.

A fun fact about me is that I love cats and good food. On my days off, I like to plan a trip to San Francisco to go on a food adventure. I will also listen to any genre of music, and I can play nine different instruments. I also love watching mystery thrillers and CSI movies, so let me know if you have any recommendations!

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Historian: Anna Pham

Hello everyone! I am currently a senior majoring in Business Finance and is planning to graduate in Fall 2020. I joined FMA Fall of 2018 and got to join the Fundraising and Marketing committee. Since joining FMA, I learned how to grow professionally, get out of my comfort zone and connect with new people who are in the same concentration as me as well as other people with different concentrations.

Outside of FMA, I enjoy watching anime, spending time with my dog, and playing games like Teamfight Tactics on League of Legends or Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. On the weekends, I spend most of my time hanging out with my family while eating Vietnamese noodles such as pho, bun bo hue, bun rieu, and many more. If I could be anywhere else in the world, I would probably be in Japan experiencing the culture, scenery, and different types of cuisines that Japan has to offer.

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VP of Creative Development: Dheeptha Anoop Kumar

Hello everyone! My name is Dheeptha Anoop Kumar and I am the VP for Creative Development for Fall 2019. I’m currently a Sophomore majoring in Finance.

I joined FMA in the fall semester of my freshman year because I really wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and develop my professional skills. FMA has helped me grow my network, build connections, learn more about the industry, and make some friends along the way! It has contributed to both my professional and personal growth.

Other than FMA, I spend my time with ISACA, an AIS club on Campus, as their VP of Public Relations. One of my passions is traveling so I have been to the East Coast, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, London, and Canada. When I am not at school, you will most likely catch me hanging out with my friends, going to movies, and constantly grabbing boba!

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