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The Financial Management Association of San Jose State University educates students in understanding the principles of finance, business administration, and other related fields.. The organization is internationally recognized for providing a platform of success for its members. Sponsoring our organization would not only bring awareness to your business but also provide you with some of the brightest SJSU students seeking employment from your firm.

During a typical FMA meeting, we have company presenters who speak about their daily work schedule. They give our members insight into what skills they have successfully transferred over from their academic years. This gives our members the vantage point of getting ahead and knowing what to expect when they start working.. Our chapter also holds skill-building workshops and social events to help our members fine tune their growth as not only students but as an individual.

Your sponsorship would not only help give us the financial means to grow, but provide us with the pride and motivation that occurs when a corporation puts its faith and trust into a bunch of college kids who just want to learn and be successful.

If interested in sponsoring The Financial Management Association of San Jose State University, please contact our VP of Operations, Matthew Chao, at vpoperation.fma@gmail.com.



Silver Sponsorship – $250 Gold Sponsorship – $500 Platinum Sponsorship – $1000


"When I started my first semester at San Jose State University, I had a good understanding of the education that I would attain. However, I was not settled on what my career was going to be, and did not have any classmates to guide me accordingly. This all changed during my second semester at the University. I joined the Financial Management Association and it gave me the opportunity to learn about the business community–to which I would have never gotten a chance to learn if I would have not joined–and made a lot of friends that value their time in education and in goal oriented activities. I would attend their weekly presenter meetings and it helped me engage into different presenter’s perspective and knowledge about the field of finance. The presenters also offered job opportunities to many of our members. Further wanting to mention that I got my summer internship at FXCM because of this association. These benefits that the club provided me was present not only in my experience, but in the experience of the 100 or more students that are part of the club each semester."

- Anmol Mirakhur

"I joined the Financial Management Association in fall 2014 and since then my personal network has grown greatly. During my first semester as a member, I noticed how friendly and encouraging everyone was and I really enjoyed the professional atmosphere. I became increasingly confident in my ability to network with the presenters, and during my second semester I actually gained an internship at State Farm Insurance through one of our professional development meetings. The connections I’ve made through the Financial Management Association have been hugely beneficial for me thus far. Working with like-minded students has shown me the importance of utilizing our education and the programs our university has to offer. I’ve learned that becoming more active in school is something that will differentiate me from others and is something that will give me the leadership skills necessary for a professional career in finance."

- Micaela Whalen

"Two months after I became a member of FMA, one of the other members stated that the company she was interning for was looking for someone to replace her. I applied and got the position. I found out that for the past five to six years all interns from this company had been from the FMA of SJSU. When I became an officer at FMA, I invited one of the previous interns to be a FMA speaker. One year later, I was approached by a former FMA member asking me if I was interested in a finance position at a startup company. I said yes, and I got the position. As I was transferring jobs I suggested another FMA member as my replacement. They interviewed three FMA members and one of them received the internship. This goes to show how FMA can positively influence your career and that as a member you have the responsibility to present FMA at its best."

- Sunny Freedman

"Before FMA, I had zero business-related experience. I boasted an exceptional GPA, but it could only bring me so far. However, after I got comfortable within FMA, I joined the Marketing Committee and created strong relationships. From there, I decided to take a leap of faith, running for my first ever officer position. With a little bit of luck, I was able to win the election and a spot as Director of Marketing. It was my greatest college decision I had every made. I started receiving calls for interviews and actually had meaningful experiences to talk about. Now I work for a non-profit and communicate effectively with my peers and my managers, something I couldn't say prior to my FMA SJSU involvement.

- Matthew Liang